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Print Quality is incredibly especially extremely  reliably  suited for brands and trade buyers.

We are famous for it, and every one of our outdoor banners is printed using UV stable inks to prevent the banner from fading when out in the sunlight. Any size, Any Quantity. We only make, produce and supply the best!

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Custom size prices - Quantity Discounts - Storewide Discounts - Line Item Discounts - Agency Discounts - Secured Volume Discounts.
At important production milestones, you'll receive notification and updates. For the trade manager, it helps you keep in touch with your customers and projects.
We aim for fast 14 day turnarounds for middle sized orders. Large volume orders are well planned and offer you fastest turnarounds within 3 days.
See our impressive equipment list. Inhouse printing, sewing and finishing.

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New Equipment

New 3.2 Fabric Printer Polyfabrics, Displays, Flags Flags Banners Shop Display and speciality display products are now all available factory direct with our new fabric printing machine for synthetics and polys, flexibles and foldables.
Displays Flags
New Vinyl Printer Billboards, Hoarding, Banners Read This: Large format, super fast, UV vinyl banner printer WITH inline knives allows us to run 'massive' print runs for corporates and brand agencies. Low m2 rates and output options.
Poster Printers Wide Format 4x spd printers Polymer plastics, USB's and poster materials. Set the corporate window or poster size you need and we print them fast. Bulk super pricing available. Run 1 to 1000
Inhouse Finishing Edging, Fastners, Eyeletting Expert flag cutting, sewing and finishing. Grommet eyelets, hook, loop, beading and Keder. From billboard to flag, we have systems to supply exactly your customers demand.
Custom Finishes

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Vinyl Banner

#1 is Vplus+ Vinyl Banner

VVplus+ Vinyl Banner is superior. The weight per gram, high whiteness and outdoor durability is well recognized among sign firms for being the best value. With flexibility of size range between 1 metre to 1000 mtrs, heights from 1 metre to 5.4 metres, as a sign designer or professional sign company in the field of advertising banners, there is no better choice. Tried and tested for over 10 years, the outdoor life and wind durability sees the V+ range of pvc vinyl banner being placed into businesses worldwide.

"I'm so glad I get my banners here"

Superior Strength is achieved by using a woven polyester inner layer structured to form a complex weave, then twin coating lines applique PVC with UV stable chemical properties over the inner weave forming a smooth, high dyne, printable surface. The inking systems matched are Eco and UV, thus giving the best modern results achieveable. V+, as the name suggests is twice the quality as scrim and lasts longer thanks to it's anti-mould, non tear, non-rust and sunlight proofing make up. This is the most popular material requested by sign companies and advertising agencies on behalf of their end users.

If your considering cheaper applications, it is important to know that outdoor weather elements can change in minutes. A strong wind or gust, and your decision to scrimp on material selection is not recommended for outdoor advertising. Ink qualities, some cheap pvc vinyls are m2 cheaper to purchase but do not accept the dyne required for high quality print. V+ exceeds all standards and is manufactured in bulk giving you the proper price points. Try it today, it's a beautiful brand.

Heavy Duty PVC

As one of the proper stable efforts in making large signage the Warrior range of pvc vinyl banner for signage is particularly favored by sign makers thanks to it's superior strength and color range of output. Unlike other hd materials, the Warrior commands a better whitepoint which is important for profiling large format machines suited to billboard, vinyl and banner printing. Warrior passes all test for large size, wide spanned printed signage.

Many sign makers in markets such as shop signage use our services for print sew and deliver to minimize their captital expenditure because large format machines such as the 5m wide printer are out of their reach, so it makes them more comfortable knowing that they are selecting a trade to buy service rather than risking their business in such a specialized field of printing. ie, banners over 50m weighing more than 100kg.

Smooth PVC Banner

USB is a superior strength indoor / outdoor white matte scrim-reinforced material designed for display work. A smoother surface provides greater definition and is suitable for screenprinting and digital printing (grand format) systems. PVC banner material with a smooth and extremely flat satin surface designed for single sided printing whereby the inner high tensile round woven polyester yarn with UV additive and Fire Retardant treatment coated fabric shows minimall inner structure after printing.

Now a Popular use for window hanging posters and window displays.

Vinyl Banner - speed, volume and bulk savings

Loss of order due to slow production speed is now eliminated thanks to the new equipment and production scheduling online employed. As a trade buyer of print matter, you'll soon appreciate the quick outcomes afforded to you once you develop a smooth commercial relationship with our print supply lines.

Bulk Production Saves...

We print it, sew it and send it... fast!

Advertising agencies enjoy one to one relationship management (and a few strawberries and cream) if your reading this and know that to profit in the advertising industry they will be required to selectively find a confident supplier with resources and skills to fulfil their billboard, banner, display and sign posters effeciently and quickly.

Billboard Media

Hoarding and Billboard

Produce your advertisments quickly and from the highest quality materials available. Give us a call to discuss your signage and to obtain a free quote today

Billboard skin supplier ready to take your phone call.

Wherever you are we can make a skin for you fast, cheap and from the best quality materials!

Long Realty Signs | Banners | Outdoor | Indoor

SiteMaster is a superior strength indoor / outdoor white corona treated (dyne) PVC banner material with a smooth and extremely flat satin surface designed for single sided printing whereby the inner high tensile round woven polyester yarn with UV additive and coated fabric shows minimall inner structure after printing.

Ready to call now ?

Australia: 1800 208 434    New Zealand: 0800 829 788

Shade Cloth & Mesh

PVC Shade Cloth 240g

The PVC shade cloth builder's roll is a great temporary option. It's got a unique weave with lots of holes that allow the wind to pass through but at the same time has enough surface for a good print. It's PVC coated, so it's nice and strong; it doesn't fray. It's a great option if your after something temporary that will last for about a year. We can cut it up for you for an additional cost. It includes a full colour print. The price also includes free shipping. You can have anything that you like printed on it. There is also a 50% graphic option if you would like your logo repeated on a white background.

Strong PVC coated banner with UV stabilised inks,62% opacity with tiny woven breathable holes for dust & wind control.Perfect for temporary fencing, longevity of 1-2 years depending on what environment the banner is placed in this may vary. Excellent printing quality

PVC Mesh 305g

The Maxi Mesh banner is very similar to the shadecloth except its got smaller holes, which mean its got more surface for print. It is less see-through. Its a preferred option if you're after something that you'll use again and again on different sites for a longer period of time, about 2-3 years. We use metal plated eyelets around the hemmed edges so you can secure it easily and neatly onto the fence. It can be cut into custom sizes crafted to suit each fence panel.

Maxi Mesh is the most durable of the mesh products. A very strong PVC coated banner that doesn't fray easily. Using UV stabilised inks that will last up to 5 years. 83% opacity with tiny breathable holes for dust, privacy & wind control. Benefits of a smaller weave within the Maxi Mesh allows for a crisp clear & fantastic printing result. Maxi Mesh is also soft-washable and can be rolled up carefully and put away for re-use.

Canvas & Speciality

Outdoor Canvas

Enjoy the benefits of a more robust canvas sign for outdoor display. Beneficial because of it's foldability, many wholesale agents attending multiple events like the canvas banner for beign able to fold up scratch free. The canvas is also applied with a water resistant coating.

Outdoor Canvas being used indoor

Advertising agencies also use the canvas for 'decorative' effects such as in fashion stores for display. This unique approach demonstrates to the view nice work.

Window Display

NEW STOCK SIZE range we service for retail and chain window displays is now very popular as a repeat market for the graphic poster design. Shops and stores can buy banners for their shop and have interchangeable print systems such as snapping shut rails and sleeved banners. Combinations also included sticking to windows with tape and suction cup fitments. As a banner shop product it is very cheap.

Posters - Window Posters Hanging - Instore Posters - Promotional SALE Posters

Popular wide format window dressing background sizes range from 1 metre to 6 metres

Fabric Display and Expo

DISPLAY CHIEF is a white poly fabric polyester with non glare properties and is popular among users for it's brilliant color output, high definition fabric printing results, superb dye-sub outputs and in particular is used by many for the collapsible popup up wall or 'selfie stand'. Use as a step n repeat wall logo set or apply nice photos and logos. Available in Australia and New Zealand and shipped to Pacific Islands too. Will not rot, discolour or degrade. Very popular fabric for expo and display.

DISPLAY CHIEF is also favored by users of 'pop up or extensible frame' systems that are used indoor for TV, interview and now the popular and very modern 'selfie wall', 'step n repeat logo wall' and the traditional red carpet wall with the event sponsor logos. We make and supply these throughout New Zealand and into all the famous events in Australia such as the Spring Carnival Fashion Week, Fashion Mall and Red Carpet Power Promos. Ideal for tv, famous television shows such as X-factor and others have used the 'non glare properties' to effectively use the sign as background theming. Toyota uses it too for their televisual backers and and cheaper alternatives to live set.

Blockout Outdoor Fabric

Rhino Blockout is superb for outdoor use wherein it can replace canvas, it excellent for 'media' or 'award presentation' and is superior for blocking out rear sunlight during filming, outdoor stands and those situations where frame shadows may occur.

  • Opaque - Ideal for outdoor
  • Strong Print Outcomes
  • Suited for logo printing

Rhino Blockout As one of the stallions in the stable of print substrate flexibles, Rhino Blockout is very cheap to buy and offers the advertiser top quality, durability and brilliance of product. If your'e looking for an outdoor material that prints in high def, this is the choice for you.

Corporate & Custom Flags

Custom Flags

Supplying the widest range of custom corporate flags and banners you'll be in good hands. Tough polyester flags with corporate logo and themeing. As a major supplier of custom flags worldwide, quality is supremo and utilizes new printing flag technologies and color referencing.

"Best quality flags"

Rectangular - Feather - Teardrop

Event management and excitement plans now allow customers to use the new 3day flag range of options. Ask us now.

For the Advertising Campaign

Billboard skins, banners, flags and full range of custom printed fabric displays now offer the advertising agency a new way of accessing a printing factory dedicated to trade supply.

Advertising Agency

Account management features such as silence supply, forward order and deadline planning guarantees mean that advertising agency in New Zealand or Australia can look after their brands with confidence.

Advertising agency also use for billboard and poster.

For Corporate Marketing & Brand Developer

Within your department, you are responsible for quality management and forward branding of your lines. Outdoor and Indoor, retail or distributorship, you'll need a strong print partner capable of consistently delivery your brand outcomes.

"Our branding media is working"

For Signage Firms

Offering sign companies prices lower than printing/finishing themselves, you can immediately lower your running/overhead costs and sub-contract your banner sign supplies to our trade department. It's a faster, better busines parallel and print supply line.
Supplying all sizes of billboard agencies, poster suppliers and sign making companies.

For you

One to One Communications That Works!

  • Faster service and lowest prices
  • Scope of material and suitability
  • Large or Small
  • Artwork Design and Competency Department
  • Access equipment vs lower overhead by you
  • A team of experienced roll printers at your fingertips

We print it, sew it and send it... Fast!

Shipping is super fast reliable  trackable  & to your door!

Bulk shipping prices are given to all our customers using standard/ground shipping and trackable links to the shipper websites.

The address you give for the order is the shipping label and IF suitable we place your labels and id on packages.

Sign Company or AGENCY branding labels IF suitable we place your tags onto products (eg: rear tag on a banner) to assist with your future ordering.

Types of Work Available

Custom fabric, billboard and banner. Poster printing and hanging display. Indoor and outdoor advertising and branding.

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Australia: 1800 208 434    New Zealand: 0800 829 788